HotdogCraft is a 1.16 Survival Network. Throughout, the gamemode has tailored custom attributes to keep the game interesting even after you unlock everything in the game. As well as this our staff team aim to get new updates out every 14 days for the long term players enjoyment.

We listen a lot to our community and if we hear a good idea we always take it on board when brainstorming what to add to HotdogCraft.

Why did you make HotdogCraft?: Very simply I have always been a fan the vanilla feel of Minecraft survival and it has always been hard to find a server that balanced its survival gamemode while still adding something that I believe adds that gamemode so I decided to make it myself.

Why should I buy a rank?: Why not? Buying a rank not only helps the server stay open and keeps it enjoyable but also gives you some extra commands to help your play through experience. This also allows you to publicly be seen on the server with your ranks prefix which means everyone will know you supported us.

What's the ip address?: play.HotdogCraft.net

We are in no way affiliated with Mojang AB